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About Us

Toil & Truffle offers professionally trained truffle dogs for surveys and harvesting and also specializes in canine scent training for truffle detection, and wild edible foraging. We promote sustainable harvesting of truffles through environmentally friendly techniques, and are working with the truffle industry to promote the use of dogs for truffle location in the United States.

Our dogs are available and trained to hunt and perform surveys all over the country for a great variety of truffles, but we specialize in the harvesting of native Oregon truffles in the Pacific Northwest. We hunt for native Oregon truffles and other wild edibles during the appropriate seasons and supply individuals and culinary outfits throughout the greater Seattle area. Our dog found truffles are in great demand due to their superior aroma and quality. Our dogs at Toil & Truffle are also trained for professional harvests on European plantations, with actual working experience in that environment. We only harvest truffles through the use of dogs, and all of our truffles are ‘certified hound found’  and then inspected by hand so you can be assured of their excellent quality.

We are based out of Seattle, Washington, but you will find us traveling up and down the coast from California to British Columbia to check on established truffle plantations during the appropriate season. From time to time we may have ‘hound found’ European varieties of truffles available.

We work with local landowners, forest product managers, truffieres, and the scientific community to further our understanding of truffle habitats and cultivation while also establishing the growing American culinary market for domestic and farmed truffle varieties.

At Toil & Truffle we also cater to all things canine, and all things foraged. While our primary activity at Toil & Truffle is related to truffle harvesting and training, we have over 10 years of experience training dogs with positive reinforcement techniques and are members of the APDT, ABS, and the IAABC and are continuously enhancing and educating ourselves on the advancements in science and understanding of Animal Behavior.