Professional Harvesting Training

We provide training for professional level harvesting geared towards the domestic and international production of truffles.

If you are a plantation owner we recommend that you have your own dog if only for verification purposes that your plantation is producing. Often we have found that family pets do not make the ideal professional truffle hunters, but there are always exceptions to this rule. We like to work with plantation owners, and other clients, to select the correct dog for their specific needs. We like when possible to use various rescue dogs who meet our specifications, but we also have solid contacts with Lagotto Romagnolo and other breeders. Please contact us for more details.

Training for professional harvesting and certification takes a considerable amount of time, so please contact us well in advance of when you would like you new family member.

If you are interested in our online/ distance learning course designed specifically for orchard owners, please visit us at theĀ Truffle Dog Company

If you have a Lagotto or any other dog for that matter that you would like to be able to have harvest truffles professionally, please contact us for more information on how we may assist you.

We also may have available from time to time commercial varieties of truffles such as T. melanosporum, T. aestivum, T. brumale, T. magnatum pico, and T. borchiiĀ  for use in training, as well as our native varieties.

Please contact us or see our Products page for more information on training kits and truffle samples


If you are a currently enrolled Professional Student please click here