Welcome to Recreational Truffle Hunting!


Before You Begin

Before you commence truffle training, we strongly encourage you to explore the world of truffle hunting to see if it is right for you and your dog. We offer a couple of different avenues to aid in your exploration of this exciting past time. We hold seminars several times a year. Please check out our Events page for more information and locations, dates, and times.

Seminars are an introduction to truffle hunting with your dog. We cover a variety of topics, and we strongly encourage everyone interested in recreational truffle hunting with their canine to attend one. Attendance is not mandatory prior to commencement of training for recreational hunting, but we cover quite a bit of information that many find useful as a baseline when beginning hunting with their dogs, and it will provide insight into how to locate possible productive truffle areas in the wild as well as get you started with some hands on training for you and your canine companion.

Recreational truffle hunting can boost confidence, develop problem solving skills and provide controlled exercise for your canine.  Whether you are just looking for a new game to play with your dog or your goal is to locate native truffles in the wild, these classes and workshops will show you how to get started.
Truffle dog training is a great way to build a trusting relationship and build confidence for both you and your canine companion while gaining valuable skills that will transfer to other dog sports and activities you participate in.


Truffle Dog Preliminary Evaluation

Cost: $25

Before beginning any training regimen it is a good idea to have a professional truffle dog trainer evaluate your dog and provide feedback on how they think the dog might progress during training. This is done to give doggy parents an idea of what to expect in the future and how quickly a dog may ‘pick up’ on training and how long it might take for the dog to become a competent recreational truffle hunter. This is done more for the humans than the dogs.  It allows us as trainers to let you know what kind of time and monetary invest you might be able to expect in the course of training.

Evaluations are not  mandatory as a prerequisite to commencing training, but highly recommended if your dog has not had professional nose work training.


Option A: 4 week class

Cost: $400

The 4 week program includes four hours of private training and one field foray with staged targets in the winter during the height of truffle season. Classes are typically one hour per week for 4 weeks in a row, unless otherwise arranged. Some dogs may benefit from extra time between private session to master a particular skill. By the end of the course most student’s dogs will be able to locate truffles in a scent container in the field with limited distractions. Some dogs progress much faster than others and depending on the dog it is possible to incorporate much more training into a 4 week session.

Option A s a good fit for many students who simply want an introduction to truffle hunting, or for more advanced dog/handlers who just need a little guidance in the right direction to get them started.


Option B: 8 week class

Cost: $600

The 8 week course consists of eight hours of private classes  including training in the field to prepare dogs for all of the scent distractions they would normally find in a natural setting. This course also includes two forays in the winter and unlimited consultation throughout the course.

The program commences with basic ground work for scent training and reliable alerts and progresses as the dog masters these skills to provide a greater foundation for later more complicated behaviors. Each dog progresses at a different rate and we tailor the training program to the individual dog to maximize the amount of training time on areas that need improvement. By the end of the course most student’s dogs should be able to locate wild truffles in their natural environment.

Option 2 is ideal for students who want a more holistic approach to truffle hunting. It is also ideal for students with younger dogs, or dogs that are distracted easily, and need more practice in complex environments before they are ready to locate truffles in the field. This is a more comprehensive course and will provide you with the tools you will need to continue training on your own after completion of the class.


Option C:  Problem Solving 

Cost: $125 90 minute consultation

This option is ideal for  students who have been training  independently, or seek continuing training advice, or a refresher, and need some guidance or help with a specific problem. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.


Option D:  Sleep Away Camp

This option is for those students who want to have a recreational truffle hunting dog but don’t live in Washington State, or in the Seattle Metro area. Please contact us for more details. We may have colleagues in other states who also provide recreational training. See our Links page.


 All dogs should be healthy and at least 6 months of age prior to training, and up to date on current vaccinations.  If  your canine is under 6 months of age contact us for some tips on how to give your dog a head start. We may be able to begin training sooner than 6 months but there are special considerations with regards to puppies. Dogs need to have basic obedience training in order to excel in this program.