Seminars/ Lectures


We hold seminars several times a year. Please check out our Events page for more information and locations, dates, and times.

Seminars are an introduction to truffle hunting with your dog. We cover a variety of topics, and we strongly encourage everyone interested in recreational truffle hunting with their canine to attend one. Attendance is not mandatory prior to commencement of training for recreational hunting, but we cover quite a bit of information that many find useful as a baseline when beginning hunting with their dogs.

There is a hands-on training component, but we often recommend if folks are interested in training to take training classes (in person/ or online through the Truffle Dog Company) prior to the seminars. We only conduct seminars a few times a year. That way at the seminar we can work on trouble shooting issues that may have arisen during your training.

Our site is undergoing construction but please see available online classes at Truffle Dog Company or email us at info@toilandtruffle.com for more information.


Customized Lectures

Do you have a mycological society, group, or club that would like to learn more about truffles or truffle hunting with dogs? Please email us and we can see how we can help!