Truffle Dog Training Seminar

presented by

Truffle Dog Company

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

9 am to 5 pm (1 hr lunch break)

Fun Fur Paws in Mount Vernon, Washington

All Skill levels welcome

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We are currently planning dates for seminars and workshops for 2014 around North America, but if you are interested in being contacted for dates and locations near you please send us an email at and we will add you to the list.

Upcoming locations include: Seattle, Portland, Nanaimo/Parksville BC,  Vancouver BC, San Fransisco, Connecticut

All about Truffles seminars are designed as an introduction for students interested in recreational truffle hunting with their canine companions. Topics covered will address regional aspects of truffle hunting, such as finding truffle locations, how dogs locate truffles, the truffle markets worldwide, begining hands- on training, and much more. These events allow students the opportunity to speak with professional truffle hunters in the area and provide an opportunity to have a truffle dog trainer evaluate their dog for suitability in truffle detection before students commit to time and a monetary investment.

Truffle Training Workshops are split by skill level but are often combined with our ‘All about Truffles’ seminars however workshops focus on practical scent work and handler skills and focus on implementation and transitioning into the forest. There are limited working spots available.

Seminars are not a necessary prerequisite to training but are strongly encouraged in conjunction with training, as a trainer will be present to evaluate students’ dogs for suitability in recreational truffle hunting or trouble shoot training issues.

You can find our Online training here at the Truffle Dog Company